Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Mary Mulhern Wins

Congratulations to Mary Mulhern for winning the winning the the district 2 Tampa City council race. Democrat John Dingfelder also won. Democrats I'm not too fond of like Gwen Miller, Tom Scott and Pam Iorio won.

Jim Johnson liveblogged the election and has the play by play details. I can safely say after the election that I thought Shawn Harrison's money advantage was going to give him the edge. So I can't get on Jim getting the Mulhern/Harrison race wrong. Wow, Harrison is even more of a sucky candidate than I imagined.

The good news for the left is we got a progressive on the City Council.

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gatordem said...

Congratulations to Mary Mulhearn and to Mitch Kates as well.

Mitch is 2 for 2 now since moving to the Tampa Bay area. Previously Mitch managed Charlie Justice's successful State Senate Campaign.