Friday, April 4, 2008

FL-24 candidate Clint Curtis endorses Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq

As you know, a full-bore effort has commenced in the Florida blogosphere to introduce Democratic politicians and candidates to the Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq. This comprehensive plan was spearheaded by Darcy Burner, Democratic candidate for Washington State's 8th District, and has gained national praise and attention, as well as a large number of additional endorsees.

I'm very pleased to announce that Clint Curtis, Democratic candidate for FL-24, is the first in the district to add his name as an endorsee. Even better, he did it before the Florida bloggers began their campaign! I've known Clint since 2006 when he first challenged Tom Feeney for the FL-24 seat and have supported him ever since. In addition, I've done a little bit of volunteer work for his campaign, primarily writing and commenting about him on blogs and telling everyone I meet why I think he's the best candidate for this seat. A few weeks ago, I emailed Clint about the Responsible Plan and asked him to carefully review it and consider an endorsement. He responded only a few days later to express his support.

Clint is extremely busy with fundraising, attending meetings of local Democratic clubs (including mine, the Five Cities Democratic Club), attending hearings on issues of great importance to the district (such as NASA's proposed new launch pad), and numerous other campaign-related activities. Yet, he's always been extremely quick to respond to my questions and suggestions. He's very much the type of person I'd want to represent me and all the residents of FL-24.

Kudos to Clint for his smart decision! If you are able, please consider a contribution to his campaign.

Clint Curtis for Congress
Clint's blog
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This post approved by ClintP, unofficial campaign mascot.


Samuel said...

Feeney is a dick.

I hope Curtis can take him out this time.

A Lone Wolf said...

Nancy, I think it is important for us to stop characterizing what is going on in Iraq as a war. The 'war' ended on or about the time that Bush said it did - Mission Accomplished. From that time on it became an occupation.

Every time Cheney, et. all hears us call it a war he laughs and backs another truck up to our treasury and fills it with money. At first it was our money but that is all gone so now it's money he borrowed from China.

TrumanDem said...

Nice job PattyP. After reading your post I'm going to ask the candidate opposing Ander Crenshaw FL-4 to sign up as well. FL-4 is a R+16 district but I am confident Mr. McGovern can give Crenshaw all he wants.

I just posted a breakdown of the Florida First Coast Congressional delegation on my blog and hope to eventually coger all 25 CD's including FL-24. Nice job.

...and 650,000 of them are in Ander Crenshaw's congressional district. These are the kind of voters the GOP brand tells to fear gay athiests who want to take away their guns.


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