Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Important Re-Vote Rally in Sarasota on Sunday

Sarasota Lib has put up this Diary on DailyKos with all the details about the big Re-Vote Rally in Sarasota this Sunday at 2 P.M. You gotta love her opening:

We're madder than hell and we won't
take it any more!! On Sunday, December 3,
citizens of Sarasota County will be joined by
voters of all political parties from all over
Florida and the country to take a stand to
defend democracy by attending a Rally calling
for a RE-VOTE for the FL-13 Congressional

Really folks, this is a direct assault on your democracy. 18,000 of your fellow citizens were denied their right to vote for their next Member of Congress. It doesn't get any more basic than that. We need to stand up and demand the re-vote that our fellow citizens deserve.

I know it is likely that this thing is going to be resolved either in the courts or in the House itself. But we need to take a stand here. We need to let the world know that "we are mad as hell".

Bush says we are in Iraq fighting to spread Democracy. We need to stand up and fight for Democracy right here in Sarasota County, Florida.

Please try to attend this important rally if at all possible. Tell all your friends. Check out Sarasota Lib 's Diary and give her some love. (It's her first diary. didn't she do a great job?)

So, see you in Sarasota on Sunday!


Local Yokel said...

I am going to try my best to attend this. If anybody is interested in car pooling down there, please email me at

gatordem at verizon dot net

We should all really think about showing our support for the good folks in Sarasota County.

god less force said...

i'll be there
wth i had some orange to wear to show my dkos pride.