Sunday, August 12, 2007

Susan S - On the Money Again

Susan S, whose courage to stand up for the truth translated into a Top of The Rec List Diary on DailyKos, has done it again. After the St. Petersburg Times mischaracterized her confrontation with Sen. Bill Nelson on FISA at Nelson's Pasco County Town Hall Meeting on Monday, Susan did not take it sitting down.

Susan wrote this excellent letter to the editor of the Times. The Times article characterized Susan's challenge to Nelson this way:
Why did he vote for a bill that allows expanded secret eavesdropping of foreign terrorists' phone calls?
Susan, in her letter, points out that her actual questions was:
why did he trust the Bush administration with expanded power to spy on American citizens without a warrant?
Susan's letter goes on to what, for me, is the money quote:
My outrage and that being expressed in editorials around the country is not about spying on foreign terrorists, it's about spying on American citizens.

This type of inaccurate reporting by the mainstream media (on the meaning of the FISA vote) is exactly the reason that an embarrassing number of American citizens still think Saddam was involved in the planning of 9/11. It might also explain why the public hasn't taken to the streets with pitchforks over the decimation of our Constitution by the Bush administration and its enablers in Congress.
I stopped writing this post to watch Kos and Harold Ford on Meet The Press. One of the points that stuck me in that "debate" was Markos saying that his biggest accomplishment was providing a forum where politicians and citizens could could converse without the mainstream "media filter". After MTP, I watched Harold Troxler on Brendan McLaughlin's excellent show, Flashpoint. At the end of their discussion McLuaghlin asked Troxler about the future of the printed newspaper. Troxler was quite right in describing the need amongst the public for good journalistic information. Maybe the newspaper poohbahs ought to be thinking more about the filters they put on that information.

Thank you, Susan, for exposing that MSM filter. I also want to thank you for giving credit where credit is due. You rightly pointed out that Congresswoman Kathy Castor voted against the FISA bill, as did the vast majority of the Democrats in Congress. Now we just need to keep working on our recalcitrant minority Dems.


Susan S said...

Thank you so much for the kind words.

I was inspired to speak out by two things: Jane Hamsher's admonition to us that it was not only our right, but our responsibility to hold our Democrats accountable to democratic values, and also the words of the incomparable Meteor Blades at Daily Kos in this diary:

TampaBay Dems said...

Netroots--biggest accomplishment was providing a forum where politicians and citizens could could converse without the mainstream "media filter"--yes and look how much effort it took for this event to be viewed 'unifitered'--LTE and much discussion in the netroots...that filter is getting worn out.

Sunny said...

Good post and a sign of good things to come!