Monday, August 6, 2007

Susan S Tops The List

Our own Florida Kossack, Susan S has a diary atop the Rec List right now at DailyKos. Susan attended the Pasco County Town Hall meeting of Senator Bill Nelson today. She was all prepared to ask him about his vote on the FISA bill last Friday. He didn't call on her. He did talk about how he was lied to to get him to vote for the Iraq war.

That was it for Susan. She did what any good citizen is supposed to do. She called Nelson to account. You need to read her diary, if you haven't already. As Susan was posting her diary, I was writing one here about Nelson's prior town hall meeting that morning in Pinellas. I was styling my meager effort as a (mostly) straight up news story. That's pretty much how I attended the town hall, just as a reporter. Susan attended the Pasco town hall as a citizen. Susan had the better idea.

Ironically, I ended my story on the Pinellas town hall with this:
Nelson continued his vacation with another Town Hall meeting later in the day in Pasco County. Enjoy your "vacation", Senator Nelson.
I wondered how much he enjoyed it when Susan was done with him.

Susan, you rock!


god less force said...

i have two questions:

1) what is wrong with this guy?
2) and how to we get a progressive minded candidate in his place?!

Wek said...

Bill Nelson might as well have been Katherine Harris last Friday. Thank you, Susan S, for letting Our Senator know we value our Civil Rights more than he. It's unfortunate that we're now going to have to wait until next decade to be able to support a candidate with true Democratic Values to take his seat.

I wonder what Nelson's excuse will be when this 'temporary' FISA Bill comes up for approval again?

Susan S said...

Thanks, everyone. I hope others around the state will try to visit their reps over the break to express either thanks or disgust.

Putnam Report said...

I agree that Susan rocks. She was truly an inspirational and wonderful person to meet at YearlyKos.


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