Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Small Biz Likes Hillary, But

Last Friday, masslib posted this diary titled "Hillary Favored by Small Business Leaders". masslib had picked up this story about MarketTools Inc.'s Zoomerang online survey of small business leaders. And the diary was quite right that Hillary Clinton was favored for President by 22% of the survey respondents with Rudy Giuliani coming in second at 17%. That diary drew quite a number of comments (90 as of this writing).

However, I found the press release
on the Inc.-Zoomerang Entrepreneurial Report. And to my mind, there is much bigger news in this report than the fact that Hillary is first choice of 22% of the survey respondents.

How can that be, you say? Follow me below the jump...

Some of you of you may remember that I have advocated before that small business leaders are a constituency for the taking for Democratic candidates. In my diary last year, How to Talk to Small Business People , I wrote:
Small Business People also vote overwhelmingly Republican. They are mistaken in their understanding of what the Republican Party stands for (by its deeds, not by its words).
Well, this survey indicates that small business people are finally getting it! Here is the subtitle to the aforementioned Zoomerang press release:
Independent Voters and Health Care
Put Republicans at Risk of Losing Traditionally Loyal Constituency
In fact, the survey numbers show Republicans and Democrats in a dead heat for the votes of small business leaders. Considering that a US Chamber of Commerce survey taken in the lead-up to the 2004 election found that
77% of small businesses said that re-electing President George W. Bush would have a positive impact on their businesses
running neck and neck with the Republicans at this stage is huge.

But the news for Democrats gets better yet. This constituency is there for the taking. All they need is someone to talk to them. Again from the Inc.-Zoomerang Entrepreneurial Report:
85 percent believe that the current crop of presidential candidates do not focus enough on their issues.
80 percent of the business leaders surveyed feel that government doesn’t do enough to help growing business and is more focused on big business.
Small business people are finally getting it. They now are starting to understand that the Republican Party is and always has been the party of big business, not small business. Here's another tidbit from the survey that is very enlightening - 71% of small business leaders surveyed believe that aggressive corporate lobbying hurts competition.

Democratic candidates need to speak directly to the concerns of these small business leaders. Look at this from the
Inc.-Zoomerang press release:
In another surprising turnaround, the report shows that this traditionally anti-tax and anti-regulatory constituency today chooses health care as the number one issue impacting their vote. A majority, 57 percent, say that a regulated health care system would be good for growing businesses.
Now there's an issue that belongs to the Democrats if there ever was one.


Short Stories said...

There's always a BUT with Hillary, isn't there?

I've noticed that boh sides of the issues aren't represented on the Florida Kossascks blog and I'm SURE this post will not be published either.

gatordem said...

Dear short stories,

So much for being sure. Comments on this blog are not moderated, so you have had your say. As for the idea that both sides of issues aren't presented here - the views of the contributors are what is presented here. Whatever views those are, whatever side of an issue they are on. And this blog is open to comments.

Let the better ideas win!