Saturday, January 5, 2008

Busansky Considering Supervisor Race

TBO's March on Politics is reporting that Phyllis Busansky, former Hillsborough Commissioner and recent Congressional candidate is considering a run for Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections. Windy March quotes Phyllis
“The issue is competence and integrity,” she said. “Our elections office makes me fearful. People need to have faith in our votes.”
Buddy Johnson has made misstep after misstep in that job. It is important for Hillsborough Democrats to field as strong a candidate as possible for this very important position.Having just run for Congress last cycle, Phyllis certainly has the name recognition. And her long experience in civic affairs gives her the credibility to make her a very strong candidate indeed.

This is good news for Hillsborough Dems.


DodgerBlue said...

There is already a candidate in this position with integrity and job experience that goes beyond competence. I not only support Lee Nelson for those reasons, but also because he is the only candidate that I know of that is running for the job, not his own political welfare. He sincerely cares about the voters and their most valuable right.

I wish some of the Democrats that seem to be professional politicians would realize two things ...
1. If you want to create change within the Party, then work within the Party. (Phyllis created her own organization, after petty differences with individuals at the Hillsborough County Democratic Executive Committee drove her to "take her marbles and go home.")
2. There are times when you can create amazing change when your name isn't the headline. (Time after time, these repeat candidates feel that their run would "save" the position for the party, instead of supporting the competent candidates in the race.)

Maybe the ego it takes to run habitually keeps them from these realizations.

I hope I am clear, I do not condemn anyone from running more than once - it is only when RUNNING seems to be their focus and only strategy in "helping" the party that it becomes a problem. In case Phyllis hasn't noticed, the DEC of today could still use all of our help.

gatordem said...

What I want is to see Democrats get elected. You do that by fielding the strongest possible candidates. If there is more than one Dem in the race, there will be a primary and Hillsborough Dems will get to choose which candidate they want to nominate for Supervisor.

Personally, I believe a primary win by Lee Nelson, if that were to happen, would be beneficial to his chances to actually win in the general election for two reasons:

1) It would make him a better candidate, having been already tested in the primary, and

2) It would greatly enhance his name recognition among all Hillsborough voters.