Saturday, January 12, 2008

Why Vote: To Take Our Country Back

I just got done reading this diary and comments on DailyKos titled Admirers of Constitution Booted for Wearing Impeach T-shirts in DC. This diary chronicles something that happened today, something I would have thought impossible in the United States of America:
With the original First Amendment "Freedom of Speech" looking on, admirers of the U.S. Constitution in the Washington D.C. National Archives Building today were ordered to leave for wearing tee-shirts reading "Impeach Bush and Cheney."
The only thing I could think of to add to the comments was this:
This is just another reminder of why it is so important to elect a Democrat President this year. We have GOT to take our country back from those people.
But then I got to thinking, this is why we need to vote in the Florida Presidential Primary on January 29th. We do have to take our country back. Some folks being told they have to leave the National Archives building because their T-shirts bothered the rent a cops seems like a rather trivial thing. But something like this should never happen in our country.

However, many things that should never have happened in this country have happened in the past seven years. The current administration has:
  • Ignored the threat from Osama bin Laden and then was surprised when 9/11 happened.
  • Failed to finish the job against bin Laden in Afghanistan, thus allowing him to regroup and remain dangerous today.
  • Lied us into a war in Iraq for their own political purposes.
  • Wiretapped us without warrants.
  • Employed torture against captured enemies.
  • Thrown away habeas corpus.
  • Allowed political hacks to over rule scientists.
  • Robbed our national treasury with no bid contracts to their corporate cronies that are then fraught with fraud.
  • Allowed the creation of private armies (a la Blackwater)
  • All but broken our military with this endless war in Iraq.
And I'm sure you all can add many, many more items to this list.

None of the current crop of viable Republican candidates repudiates any of this. In fact, most of them fully embrace all of this list. And in a few short days, most of them will be running around all over our state spouting their own brand of nonsense. Meanwhile, our Democratic candidates will not be here. Well, maybe not until January 27th, anyway (the day after the South Carolina Democratic primary).

So we Dems have had a little intra party squabble about moving the primary up. What is that in comparison to the importance of putting an end to the atrocities listed above? We all need to get out and vote for the primary candidate of our choice. We need to show the Republicans, and more importantly, the independents in this state, that we Democrats are going to be fighting hard here in Florida.

So get out and vote, Democrats. Let's show that we are going to fight hard here in Florida to take our country back!


RightDemocrat said...

I am definitely showing up at the polls on January 29 to support John Edwards. The economy is issue number one and only John Edwards has focused on the pocketbook concerns like jobs and health care. I will also be supporting Amendment 1 which is needed to give property tax relief to working families.

gatordem said...


I am glad that you are committed to voting on January 29th. I am particularly glad that you will be voting for John Edwards, as he is my choice as well.

However, if your concern is working families, consider this. Amendment 1 does nothing to provide relief for renters, as there is no real relief going towards non-homestead property. And the small amount ($10 to $12 per month) that the average homestead property owner will receive will be more than offset by the detrimental effects of the necessary spending cuts for our schools and our local governments.

I urge you to reconsider your position on amendment 1.