Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kos Pumping Fundraising for Joe Garcia

The lead story on DailyKos right now is by Kos on a Zogby poll showing Obama with a big lead in South Florida. But it also includes this little gem regarding raising money for Joe Garcia:

"We are almost halfway to our goal of 1,000 contributors to our new ActBlue page. But I'd like a secondary goal as we close out the fundraising quarter -- Garcia is at 160 contributors as of this writing. I'd like to get that to 250 contributors. I know lots of people want to send a message to Bush that raising money for his most loyal lieutenants will cost him. I also know there are more than 90 south Florida readers of this site, and here's your chance to give a boost to one of your locals fighting the good fight for the good of our country.

So let's get Garcia to 250 contributors and help paint South Florida a delicious shade of Blue."

Can't we help Kos and Joe Garcia out?

Full story here:



hd55fla said...

Just found an interesting development in my local state house race at kos


Darryl Rouson caught making homophobic comments and with his hand in the Republican and Blackwater USA cookie jars.

hd55fla said...

oops the link was not clickable

diary about Darryl Rouson's Blackwater Ties and Homophobic YouTube Video at Daily Kos

Anonymous said...

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