Friday, December 29, 2006

2007 Que Sera Sera 2nd Quarter Picks

In the 1st Quarter of 2007, we looked ahead to the high (low?) lights coming up to start the New Year.

Now for the 2nd Quarter...

The Major League Baseball season begins. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays lose their first 11 games, but team officials say not to worry, we're just getting started.

The Florida Gators win their second straight NCAA Final Four Championship, beating UCLA in the finals. The Governator pays off his bet with Florida Governor Charlie Crist by sending Maria to Tallahassee to serve as Charlie's First Babe.

The House Government Oversight Committee questions Vice President Dick Cheney under oath in public. The Vice President testifies that he did nothing illegal in his private meetings with energy companies when setting the Bush Administration energy policy. Four oil company executives then testify that Cheney made them funnel ill gotten profits to the Carlyle Group.

The House Judiciary Committee begins investigating Cheney for perjury. Cheney vows never to pull a Spiro Agnew and resign.

No one files their Federal Income Tax return on paper this year. The first ever 100% automated filing season causes communication hubs to crash at 11:55 PM on April 15th. 25 million tax returns are lost when IRS workers try to record their arrival on their touch screen tax review machines. Congress is investigating.

Speaking of touch screen machines, the plaintiffs in the FL-13, the computer ate 18,000 vote lawsuits, reported that the ES&S software they examined turned out to have been riddled with bugs - real bugs - tiny mites who ate holes in the disks that the source code was stored on, creating an 18 1/2 minute gap of what sounded a lot like Alice's Restaurant.

The House Judiciary Committee votes 18-2 to impeach Dick Cheney. Cheney says Sprio Agnew should never have resigned and pledges he will not. "No way I'm going to let them replace me with Tom Tancredo."

US troops mark the half way point in their pull out from Iraq. John McCain wants to send the other half back in a surge to gain control of the Green Zone.

George W Bush tells Iran they have weeks, not months to comply with a 5 month old UN Resolution ordering them to halt uranium enrichment. Iranian President AShmajdbhghfjj or whoever he is, sends a letter to Bill Bennet explaining why Bush's actions are immoral. Bennet responds, "I wouldn't bet on it."

Al Gore wins the Oscar for Best Documentary for his film An Inconvenient Truth. In his acceptance speech Gore thanks George Bush for giving him time off to make the film, and oh, by the way, I'm running for President.


gatordem said...

OK, anybody else want to take on the Florida only predictions? Otis?

Jennifer said...

Since you didn't respond to my comment in an earlier post, I'm going to try again with a few additional notes.

My comments are off-topic, but I have a few suggestions for your site:

You have a spelling error in your banner text: "A gathering spot for Florida Kossacks to keep in touch with issues of primary concerns to Floridians, or wahtever else Florida Kossacks might think wothwhile."

That should be worthwhile.

You guys should have a link to your mailing list on your site so people can join.

Also, a "contact us" link would be good too. Although, I've only used blogger on my own domain, rather than using its hosting so I don't know if you can set up a contact form. I'd much rather email you these types of comments than to only have the option of posting them in the comments.

Why do you have "Cross Posted from Florida Kossacks" in a diary entry that is on the Florida Kossacks site? Also, the link doesn't work.

BTW, I'm meowmissy at Daily Kos.

gatordem said...

Thank you. The link is fixed and as soon as I post this, I am going to fix the banner typo. Have to look into some of the other things, but you can email me at gatordem at verizon dot net anytime. Are you not on our list? If not, you can just send me an email and we'll hook you up :)

Oh, BTW, I have the corss posted thing on here because I use this HTML editor to cross post to other blogs. Makes it easier for me to do it here once then to do it all over the place

Jennifer said...

Will do!

Perhaps after you're done cross-posting you can edit that line out here?

I do some work in web development and know from experience that even seemingly trivial details can make or break a site.

gatordem said...


Thanks for the tip. I'm actually relatively new to all this stuff. I really do appreciate constructive criticism. :)

bkirby816 said...

WHAT?!?! The Rays lose their first eleven! Come on, Gene! No *way*! I mean, sure, they're a young team, but they have heart, man, real heart. Give 'em a better shot than that.

Maybe they finish middle of the division?