Monday, December 11, 2006

Charlie's Inauguration Donors

After the PR fallout, Charlie Crist has released the list of donors to his inauguration committee.

The list of donors includes private prison contractor The Geo Group, which gave $50,000, while U.S. Sugar also kicked in $50,000. Boca Raton aviation company Trigeant Air gave $100,000. Powerhouse Fort Lauderdale law firm Colodny, Fass, Talenfeld, Karlinsky Abate donated $25,000 while Tallahassee law firm Bryant Miller & Olive gave $10,000. Oviedo agriculture giant A. Duda & Sons donated $25,000.

That's some party that Charlie almost threw. He had a keen enough political ear to admit, "I made a mistake, and, yes, it was a doozy." That's rare in politics and I'll give him credit for that. I'm wondering why he wanted such a lavish inauguration.


gatordem said...


Thank you for choosing to post here and for sharing Charlie's Stupid Adventure with us.

Susan S said...

Just guessin' here. Maybe Charlie got a new tux he wants to show off.

Michael Hussey said...

Susan, was the tux donated? ;)