Sunday, October 7, 2007

Presidential Primary - Adam: Our Votes WILL Count

Well, Adam Smith is at it again. In a front page article in today's St. Petersburg Times, Adam again makes the assertion:
Florida Democrats stand to be the only voters in America whose votes won't count toward picking a presidential nominee.
This is just not true. Let me be perfectly clear about this, because Adam remains fixated on this. Adam is wrong. Florida's votes will count.

On January 29th, 2008, Florida Democrats will go to the polls and express their preference for the Democratic Presidential Nominee. We will do this before most of the other states have done so. After our votes are counted, and they will be counted, the rest of the country will hear and will be influenced by the Florida results.

That is exactly the goal all Floridians have had in mind when the whole discussion of moving the primary date up began. Floridians were sick and tired of having our nominees selected by small, non diverse states. We were getting stuck with candidates whose plan to win in the South was to win New Hampshire. My apologies to my friends in Massachusetts, but Democrats lost two presidential elections we might have won because these small non diverse states picked nominees who could not win in Florida. Now Floridians are going to have a real voice in who our Party's nominee is going to be.

Here is something else to keep in mind. The Presidential candidates do not go to Iowa and New Hampshire for the massive number of delegates they win by competing there. They go there because these states are first and thus have major influence on the entire process. Florida will now share in that influence.

Our voices will be heard and our votes will count.


endofourtime said...

Our votes will count regardless of the DNC, but only if we count them correctly to begin with. If we let Republicans use Republican manufactured, Republican "certified" and Republican programmed optical scanners, then we will get the Democratic "winner" that the Republicans want us to have. It doesn't take nearly the number of people hacking machines that it took to fly a Boeing with no wings, tail or engines into the Pentagon. If we buy scanners, the big money will pick the next President, as usual.

pioneer said...

Florida votes WILL count but it sounds like it has been predetermined that Hillary will win. With no campaigning in Florida how can voters really decide who would be best? Name recognition and nostalgia will determine the vote.

Susan said...

If Hillary is a lock to win (and it certainly looks that way now), maybe it's not merely "name recognition" so much as the fact that she has run a 100% solid campaign and the only other candidates who poll above single digits have made serious missteps. At any rate, between television and the internet, anyone who wants information on the candidates can find all they want. One great advantage of the "boycott"...we get to have an election without television commercials. That's got to be an improvment (though I'm afraid we'll have plenty of Republican ones).

Karen said...

The Repugs will go out of their way to make sure Hillary sounds bad and loses votes because they are running scared. It's business as usual for them, as they are trying to smear her name in hopes that she will not win. If she wins the primary chances are higher that Repubs would vote for her then for the others. They don't want that, hence mark my words...we will be hearing as much bad press re Hillary as possible. If another Dem candidate wins, less Repubs will vote for them and they wouldn't have as many Dem. votes to throw away and maybe they could steal a third election. I wish the Dems would grow some "cajones" and start fighting! But that's another story...