Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Democrats Running In Florida

Two Democrats running running for office. I thought I give them a shout out since they linked to me.

Lee Nelson is running for Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections. He is running against Buddy Johnson. I have blogged a great deal about Johnson's ethically questionable behavior and incompetence.

Mark T. Ravenscraft is running for Florida Senate seat District 3. The seat is open. Dennis Baxley is the favorite. Baxley sponsored the failed bill to allow employees to bring handguns to their job parking lot.

Citing the same pressures this year, House bill sponsor Rep. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala, said, "There are members who are a little squeamish about getting out there on this one."

You think? Perhaps lawmakers don't want to face a replay of the Virginia Tech shooting.

Baxley also supports the racist anthem The Swanee River as the state song.

My advise to these Democratic candidates is put donation boxes on their sites. They should also contact Gatordem. He will get the Kossacks into action.

It helps Dems running for office to linked to me. I blogged like mad about Alex Sink. Ditto for Rod Smith... err, let's scratch that one.

Update: Nelson is hinting he may not run on his website.

I ran for City Council in Council Bluffs, IA in 2005, I did not win. It was a great experience and I continue to be active in the City. Will I try again? I don't know, but to be prepared, I will keep this website updated.

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gatordem said...

There is another Dem running in SD-3. Suzan Franks, from Citrus County is also running. You can read about Suzan here.