Friday, May 25, 2007

Suzan Franks is no stranger to politics

The Citrus County Chronicle has a good piece on Suzan Franks, Democratic candidate for the SD-3 special election. Franks announce press release was posted on Florida Kossacks earlier. The Chronicle had this to say about Suzans' issues:
Her focus is preservation and protection of water resources. She said the state needs more scientific data to define the problems that cause pollution and their solution...

She suggests alternatives to groundwater pumping, such as desalinization plants.

Franks also suggests the state seek alternative sources of energy, such as solar energy...

Franks has a different take on property tax relief. Rather than suggest tax rollbacks, Franks said the Legislature should stop mandating programs on the local level without the funding...

Franks supports creation of a national catastrophic insurance fund to help bring down the costs of property insurance.

Franks said she would not support extension of the Suncoast Parkway through Citrus County if it adversely affects constituents.

Suzan Franks will face Mark Ravenscraft of Tallahassee in the Democratic Primary on June 5th.

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