Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tim Mahoney Stands Up Tall for Vets in FL 16

In 2006 Tim Mahoney (D) was elected in Mark Foley's FL district 16.

Tim Mahoney is proving a formidable new Congressman. On May 4 Bob Graham wrote to Karen Thurman regarding Tim Mahoney's support of veterans:
I am writing in regards to my friend Congressman Tim Mahoney’s hard work fighting for the veterans of Florida’s 16th District.Since he was sworn in to represent Florida’s 16th district, Tim has fought to ensure that our nation lives up to the promises we made to the brave men and women who served our nation.

President Bush failed our troops, our veterans, and our nation by not providing for the troops injured in war and chronically under-funding the Veterans Administration and the military healthcare system. In order to solve the problems created by the lack of funding, Congressman Mahoney fought to fully fund the VA, providing an additional $5.3 billion this year. This, the largest funding increase for veterans in history, will help ease backlogs on processing cases, address maintenance delays at VA facilities, and will allow the VA to generally provide better services to all of those who have honorably served our all of Bob Graham's letter in praise of Tim Mahoney

Meanwhile, Republicans roil in the district.
The Fix notes that Republicans are after the seat: Palm Beach Gardens Councilman Hal Valeche, Pittsburgh Steelers heir Tom Rooney, and state Rep. Gayle Harrell.
Rooney has hired Bill McCollum's campaign manager Phil Vangelakos. Rooney raised $139,655 for the first quarter. Randy Nielsen of Public Concepts noted that state Rep. Gayle Harrell raised $126,752 --more money from Floridians than either of her rivals. Top GOP fundraiser for the district was Palm Beach Gardens Councilman Hal Valeche with $180,315.

Mahoney's strength in this formerly republican district is shown by the fact that Mahoney outraised Valeche, Rooney and Harrell combined.

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gatordem said...

Tim is doing a great job. If he is impressing Bob Graham, he's really doing something!