Monday, May 28, 2007

GOP's Jim Greer in Lady Fight- Republicans at "TheBuzz"

GOP's Jim Greer in Lady Fight- Republicans at "TheBuzz"

They changed the title of this item from "RPOF Generalissimo Greer flexes muscle, sparks fight,"
to the tamer, "RPOF's Greer flexes muscle, sparks fight".
Wonder if the comments will survive? Read them while you can!

From the Republican comments at "the Buzz" site

FACT: Jim Greer is a pompous, self-important fool.

FACT: Albertelli is suffering from sour grapes, because she failed to get elected President of the NFRW.

FACT: Anne Voss, Delores Clark, Pixie Livingston (whose husband ran for office a few years ago) are all a bunch of mindless followers.

FACT: Albertelli has sticky fingers. She was Vice Chair of Duval - $40,000. went missing. She was President of FFRW - they lose their charter and $80,000. go missing.

FACT: If the Federation money is indeed in the Florida Federation of Republican Women, Inc. (CCE)account they have been using a lot of money out of there to pay for "expenses" for people like Albertelli, Voss and Clark.

CONCLUSION: Albertelli, Voss, Clark and others have a lot to lose from being exposed. The best defense being a good offense, they have launched this strike at the RPOF to clout the fact of their theft of Federation funds.

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