Thursday, May 3, 2007

Suzan Franks Announces for Senate District 3

Press Release-For Immediate Release.
Thursday, May 3, 2007
Contact: Rick Chapman 727-505-6543

Citrus Hills resident, Suzan Franks is proud to announce her candidacy for the Florida State Senate, District 3 seat being vacated by Nancy Argenziano. Suzan brings over 23 years of accomplished public service to the race. In her native New Hampshire, Suzan served in an elected capacity on the Nashua Board of Education, Alderman at large, and from 1992-2000 in the New Hampshire State Legislature.

As a school board member, she specialized in budgets, school construction, and maintenance. As Chairman of the Facilities Committee she was responsible for long-term planning for the safety and health of the districts school buildings.

As a legislator and locally elected official she raised over one million dollars to reduce property taxes and fund public education. As Vice-chairman of the Human Affairs Committee, she adressed issues concerning affordable housing and elderly affairs. She was Clerk of the Finance Committee, which authorized all city contracts, and authorized the payment of all city bills. She was the Liaison for the Nashua Board of Health, and a member of the Special Joint School Building Committee.

In the legislature, she served on the Economic Development Committee, the Education Committee, and the Environment and Agriculture Committee.

Suzan has also served in many other elected and appointed positions, and as a community activist, spearheaded the drive to establish Kindergarten in New Hampshire. She has received and been nominated for many public service awards.

Most recently, she served as Deputy Campaign Manager, and Press Secretary for the John Russell for Congress campaign.

The issues of most concern for Floridians are property tax rates and homeowners insurance. She shares the district residents concerns over water quality, protecting the environment, and quality of life. On the issue of property tax increases, she traces the problem back to the Florida Legislature itself. In her research, she found that contrary to the Florida Constitution, the legislature is passing down the cost of unfunded mandates to the cities and counties. This process creates a surplus in Tallahasse, and a scramble to find revenues at the county and local level.

Suzan has a long history of working in a bipartisan manner to pass legislation that benefits all citizens, and looks forward to serving all the citizens of Florida. She has been married to her husband Richard for 27 years and they have three adult Children.

Rick Chapman,
Press Secretary

Suzan L. R. Franks

652 E. Dakota Ct.
Hernando, Fl 34442

Telephone: (352) 527-4123



01/2006 – 11/2006 – Region 3 Manager/Press Secretary - John Russell

For Congress Campaign

01/1998 - 12/2001 Elected Nashua Board of Aldermen – Alderman-At-Large

03/2001 – 4/2002 Chairman, Stello’s Stadium Fundraising Committee

· Initiated the creation of the Stello’s Stadium Fundraising Committee, called all meetings, taped minutes.

· Designed and coordinated production of the fundraising brochures

· Created and implemented all fundraising activities and recognition events, including, but not limited to, all press releases, press conferences

· Created “Tournament of Champions” basketball event and hosted silent auction fundraiser

· Developed multi-pronged sponsorship program including “Wall of Thanks Plaque”

· Collaborated with stadium architects in the design and implementation of various aspects of the stadium’s features

· Raised to date over $761,500

01/1998 - 12/2001 Vice-Chairman, Human Affairs Committee

· Reviewed grant applications for Community Development Block Grant funds

· Determined priorities and made awards to applicants for CDBG funding

· Addressed issues dealing with affordable housing, and elderly affairs, etc.

01/1998 - 12/2001 Clerk, Finance Committee

· Prepared minutes of all finance meetings

· Authorized all city contracts

· Authorized warrants to pay all city bills.

01/1998 - 12/2001 Liaison, Nashua Board of Health

· Attended to matters and duties relating to community public health

01/2001 - 12/2001 Liaison, Ethnic Awareness Committee

· Attended to matters relating to community ethnic awareness and diversity

01/2001 – 12/2001 Liason, Television Cable Advisory Board

01/1998 - 12/2001 Member, Joint Special School Building Committee

· Reviewed construction plans for multiple school construction/renovation projects totaling approx. $191M

· Authorized change orders and payment of accounts

· Made site visits to determine progress regarding timelines


1986 to 1994 Elected Nashua Board of Education

Independent School District with over 13,000 students, 1,200 employees, and an annual budget in excess of $61 million

01/1990 -12/1994 Member, City of Nashua Joint Special School Building

01/1986-11/1987 Committee

· Directed and finalized approvals for all school building projects

01/1992 - 12/1994 Chairman, Elementary School Coordinating Committee

· Oversight of Birch Hill and Main Dunstable School Building/Renovations

01/1992 - 12/1994 Chairman, Facilities Committee

· Formulated district capital improvement budget proposals

· Initiated Long-term planning, insured the health and safety of the 17 school district buildings

· Instituted Nashua district system-wide school annual

equipment safety check program

0/1990 - 12/1992 Vice Chairman, Joint Special School Building Committee

· Oversight of 13 school building projects totaling $33.3M

01/1992 – 12/2000 Elected NH State Legislature

Sponsored/advocated and adopted major legislation:

· Public Kindergarten Classroom Construction Aid – 1994

· Safe School Zones- 1995

· Public Kindergarten Program Maintenance Aid – 1996

· U.S. First Competition Expansion – 1996

· Powerball Game inclusion in the NH State Lottery – 1996

· Veteran’s License Plate Renewal – 1999

· Establishing the Definition of Bio Solids for NH - 2000

/1998 - 12/2000 Assistant Clerk, New Hampshire House Environment and ` Agriculture Committee

1993-1998 Member, New Hampshire House Education Committee

1993-1994 Clerk, New Hampshire House Economic Development Committee

Other Elected/Appointed Positions:

2000-2002 Member, State of New Hampshire , Board of Examiners of

Nursing Home Administrators, appted. by Gov. Jeanne Shaheen
· Reviews and grants applications for license renewal of all New Hampshire nursing home administrators

1992-1994 Member, Board of Directors, Nashua Center for the Arts

· Oversight of facility and fundraising activities, appointed by Mayor James Donchess

1986-1988 Member, Mount Hope Board of Education

· Oversight of personnel, budget and programs for the disabled, appointed by Nashua Board of Education

1984 Founder, Nashua Public Kindergarten Coalition

· Successfully advocated through PR and fundraising activities, public kindergarten program for Nashua Public Schools (implemented in 1988)

1986-1988 Chairman, Nashua Public Kindergarten Coalition

1984-1986 President, Nashua Public Kindergarten Coalition elected by membership

1985-1986 Member, Nashua Board of Education, Ad Hoc Committee on

Public Kindergarten appointed by Nashua Board of Education

· Developed implementation plan for public kindergarten for the Nashua School District

1984-1985 Member, Nashua Board of Education, Public Kindergarten Feasibility Study Committee appointed by Nashua Board of Education

· Studied and recommended the establishment of public kindergarten for the Nashua School District


2002 Presented by City of Nashua , NH “Certificate of Recognition for Distinguished Service Award”

2002 Presented by City of Nashua , NH “Key to the City”

1991 New Hampshire School Boards Association, “Master of Boardsmanship”

1987 Nominated “YWCA Distinguished Women Leader of the Year”

1986 Nashua Board of Education “Public Kindergarten Special Recognition”



Alumni Association of the Marblehead Public Schools

Citrus Hills Home Owners Association


National Association of Local Boards of Health

National Organization of Women Legislators

Women’s Network of the national Conference of State Legislators

New Hampshire Women’s Lobby

Legislative Caucus for Young Children

Marquis Who’s Who in State Government

New Hampshire Board of Realtors

Nashua Artists Association

Marblehead Association for the Arts

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