Saturday, July 21, 2007

Congressman Opie - Wingnut Hero

Adam Putnam, in his new role as Chairman of the House Republican Conference, has become the hero of the wingnut crowd. Republicans in Congress introduced a "John Doe" Amendment to protect Americans from frivolous lawsuits who report suspicious activity. Consider this from the Cassy Fiano Blog:

Florida Rep. Adam Putnam, chairman of the House Republican Conference, said failure to enact the provision will hold "the threat of endless litigation over the heads of the American people.""Democrats are discouraging citizens from reporting suspicious behavior. And that, simply, leaves America vulnerable to terrorist attacks," Mr. Putnam said.

Nancy Pelosi is promising a safer America while simultaneously refusing to protect Americans for speaking up?!If Dems had their way, United 93 would have been successfully hijacked. Richard Reid would have blown up that plane midflight over the Atlantic. People will be much less willing to speak up or act against suspicious behavior when the threat of litigation is hanging over their heads! And for actual terrorists, they know that if their act is foiled, they can just sue us and claim innocence. And they wonder why we question their patriotism, despite their siding with the enemy time and time again.

Florida really doesn't need a Congressman who is the hero of wingnut extremists. It's about time we sent Congressman Opie on to his next career, isn't it?


Susan S said...

We (Aliflorida, Lois and I)confronted this bozo at the Brandon 4th of July parade over the Scooter Libby sentence commutation. He gave us the GOP talking points and refused to let facts get in the way when we pointed them out to him. No wonder he's a hero to the wingers. He can lie with a smile on his face just like George W. Bush.

PattyP said...

If nothing else, we should point out to Mr. Putnam that United flight 93 was, in fact, successfully hijacked. But I guess he figures since the plane went down before reaching its purported target (White House? Capitol Building?), thereby sparing the lives of many VIPs (Very Important Politicians), then it's all good. No doubt the families of the United 93 passengers will be comforted knowing that Mr. Putnam declared the hijacking unsuccessful, and their loved ones are just fine and dandy. Aside from being dead, of course.