Thursday, July 26, 2007

Not the Vern Buchanan We Know

The Bradenton Herald printed an editorial puff piece on Vern Buchanan July 24, 2007. This editorial is so contrary to the facts it makes us want to shout out:

Earth to Bradenton Herald: this is not the Vern Buchanan we know.
Let's take a look at some quotes from the Bradenton Herald and then just the facts ma'am.

Bradenton Herald:
Buchanan has proven to be a strong force for bipartisanship in a Congress polarized by partisan feuding.

Buchanan votes 92.6% of the time with Republicans. Buchanan was not even in the top 20 Republicans to break with the Republican Party on significant votes according to CQ's Party Unity Score .

Bradenton Herald:
So far, Buchanan is sticking by President Bush on the biggest issue, the Iraq War, but that support is not open-ended
The Facts:

He has continually and consistently supported the President's failed Iraq War policies with no signs of stopping. As recently as July 12th, Buchanan voted against setting a timeline for responsible redeployment of our troops. In May, he voted against setting benchmarks that would force the Iraqi people to take responsibility for their own security. Both of these votes came after visiting Iraq and witnessing the problems firsthand, he called it "mission impossible" and said he was "doubtful" we could succeed.

What is not open ended about that?

Bradenton Herald:
high on Buchanan's radar is funding for veterans' care
The facts:

Buchanan voted against a historic and much-needed $6.6 billion increase in funding for veterans' health care programs. He didn't even show up to vote for the largest increase in veterans' health care funding in the 77-year history of the Veterans Administration. He also missed the vote that allotted the long awaited national cemetery its funding. So much for his top priority. Just what were you doing that was so important you missed that vote, Vern?

Bradenton Herald:

His campaign to balance the federal budget

Buchanan voted against requiring the House to follow pay-as-you-go rules so that the budget can stay balanced.

So much for that campaign, eh Vern?

So, Bradenton Herald, who was this guy you wrote about? It is certainly not the Vern Buchanan that we know.

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Larry Thorson said...

Excellent expose of puffery.