Sunday, May 6, 2007

Blog Florida Blue

Last week, representatives from the Florida Progessive Coalition, Florida Net Roots and Florida Kossacks held a conference call with staff from the Florida Democratic Party. The topic of the call was upcoming opportunities for bloggers to interact with the FDP, particularly at the Jefferson Jackson dinner in June and at the FDP Convention in October.

What came out of the call, which went very well by the way, was something that could be far more powerful. It was a brand name for the online effort to bring Democrats back into control in Florida. That brand name is Blog Florida Blue.

I'd like to invite all Florida bloggers to adopt this brand name whenever they are blogging on the effort to elect Democrats and build the Democratic Party in Florida. Blog Florida Blue can be a powerful branding device linking otherwise disparate efforts from Key West to Pensacola.

These are exciting and hopeful times for Democrats in Florida. While we did not win the Governorship in 2006, we did elect Alex Sink as Florida's Chief Financial Officer. Bill Nelson was easily re-elected to the US Senate and the political career of Katherine Harris crashed and burned. Democrats also seated two new Members of Congress from districts previously held by the Gopers. I am betting that we will actually make that three before the investigations into the under vote fiasco in FL-13 are over.

In the Florida Legislature, we stayed even in the Florida Senate. Charlie Justice was elected to an open seat in the Tampa Bay area that was previously held by a Republican. We almost picked up another seat in the Tampa Bay area when exciting new candidate Stephen Gorham came oh so close against Rhonda Storms for the seat held by term limited Tom Lee. Unfortunately, we were not able to retain the seat given up by Rod Smith when he ran for Governor.

The Florida House was an entirely different story. Democrats picked up seven seats previously held by Republicans. We were also tantalizingly close in two more seats in the greater Tampa Bay area. So far this year we are one and one in Florida House special elections. However, we did pick up our eighth seat in the House when Daren Soto won in Orange and Osceola Counties for HD-49. Congratulations to Representative Soto, FDP Chair karen Thurman and all those who worked so hard to make that victory possible. We are going to have one more special election for the Florida Senate and a couple more for the Florida House as a result of Senator Nancy Argenzano being appointed to the PSC. So our friends at the FDP are going to have some more opportunities to apply the lessons learned from the HD-49 victory.

Stay tuned for more details about the exciting opportunities for bloggers to interact with the FDP. But start thinking seriously about attending the Jefferson Jackson gala in Hollywood on June 8th and 9th. Nancy Pelosi is the keynote speaker, and you may be able to inteview her if you apply for blogger media credentials. More details on that to come later.

And take every opportunity to use the power of the blogosphere to Blog Florida Blue.


Sunny said...

"Things" just keep getting better and better in the Dem blogging network world!

Phil said...

Great post, Gene! The Florida Democratic Party looks forward to seeing more out of this great initiative!

Phillip Perry, IT Director
Florida Democratic Party

Sunny said...

check it out

gatordem said...

My, my. We do seem to be getting their attention.

Too bad they are turning blue in the emotional sense, heh.

Kathy said...

While I'm happy to see we're making progress in turning our beloved state blue, I have to point something out. Bill Nelson is not a true Democrat. Look at his voting record. He's a Blue Dog. We need real Dems to represent us, locally, statewide, and nationally.

I hope we can make progress in 2008 in electing Real Democrats.


What am I missing? Did not the Republican led Florida Legislature and a Republican Governor determine the date of the Florida Presidential Primary? This may be a bit too Machiavellian and may be giving the Republican led Florida Legislature and Republican Governor too high an intelligent quotient. Regardless, a Karl Rove clone may be lurking in Tallahassee. It does make wonderful sense to set a date the DNC would not accept in order to create disharmony in the Democratic Party. As Ed Ball of the DuPont Family Trust would say, "confusion to the enemy!"

Will said...

Florida Democrats will be well served to switch parties in Florida to vote for Ron Paul in the Primary. Ron Paul has a principled, consistent voting record that is not dictated by special interest in Washington, DC. He stood resolute against our government’s interference overseas, in the economy, and in our personal lives. He is the champion of the Constitution. Ron Paul will bring the troops home now.Many promise in the election season: Ron Paul has always delivered. stop the looting of Social Security, stop the $1 trillion overseas spending, reducing our debt, helping veterans, children, and seniors, and cutting taxes, end forced health screening and vaccinations, he opposes WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA and the NAU, and fights for freedom to choose health care. He will protect our privacy and civil liberties, stop the national ID Card and oppose taxes on the internet.visit

gatordem said...


Thanks for the invite, but...

Florida Democrats will be better served to work like the dickens to elect DEMOCRATS to office. Period, end of story.

TrumanDem said...

Yes, this is great news and I'm excited to hear the FDP reaching out to the progressive Florida blogging community. Unless otherwise told not to I am going to place the logo on my web site with a direct link.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about this and will be following it very close.


Truman's Conscience
"The Buck Stopped Here"

Johnny said...

I want my vote counted.
Anyone that sits in church and listens to America created aids or we deserved 911 or God Damned America is not a patriotic American.
My father fought for our freedom and his purple heart sits on the shelf at my mothers home and if he were here he would be disgusted.

The constitution gave me the right to vote and I am angry that someone has taken it away from me.
Johnny S.

peter said...

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Anonymous said...

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kevin0 said...

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