Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blogs Included in Library of Congress Strategic Initiatives.

Blogs are being started and abandoned at volcanic rates. Nonetheless, bloggers are creating a massive chronicle of daily life, filled with stories and, of course, rants.

It’s a potentially important record of our time for future generations — one that the Library of Congress is interested in preserving. But as with other forms of digital data, the Washington-based library can’t hope — and, really, doesn’t want — to save all of the content being published in blogs, according to Laura Campbell, director of the National Digital Library Program.
Through that and other programs, the Library of Congress is working to collect and preserve so-called born-digital data that originates on the Web and to digitize other information for online access, particularly in educational settings.

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gatordem said...

I wonder what we could do to improve our chances of having our material collected by the Library of Congress?

Thanks for this info. :)