Sunday, June 24, 2007

SD-3: Tallahassee Democrat Endorses Franks

The Tallahassee Democrat endorsed Democratic candidate Suzan Franks today in the special election for SD-3. In making their pick, the Democrat had this to say
we would urge voters to support the candidacy of Ms. Franks, who served in the New Hampshire Legislature from 1992 to 2000 and served on her local board of education, and thus should know her way around a statewide political process. A relative newcomer to Florida, Ms. Franks may not have this state's inner workings down pat, but she has a genuine interest in problem solving and a willingness to listen that suggests her potential to grow and make a difference in the least partisan of the two legislative chambers.

Mr. Dean, a retired Citrus County sheriff, is utterly devoted to his party, saying he will march to the tune of his leaders almost regardless of where they take him.
So, imagine this. The Democrat apparently puts problem solving above marching like a lemming with party leaders in choosing who would do a better job for the people of SD-3.

Hopefully the voters in SD-3 will want somebody who's looking out for their interests ahead of the Republican party's interests.

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