Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Good Look at 2008 Congressional Races

There is a very interesting look at potential Dem US House seat pickups in 2008 over at Political Truth. progressiveflademocrat gives a good rundown on some of the potential pickups. Vern Buchanan, Ric Keller and Tom Feeney (he of the newly minted legal defense fund) lead the list.

Also getting mention is Bill Young. There is the inevitable question about retirement. However, I firmly believe that Young will have to be carried out of the Capitol in a box. That does bring up a very interesting prospect however. Death in office requires a special election to be held. That could actually be very good news for the Dems. FL-10 is still a very tough proposition for any Democrat despite the Districts top of the ticket voting pattern. However, with a special election, FL-10 would likely get a ton of attention from the DCCC. This District would be hard pressed to ever get that kind of DCCC support in a regular election cycle.

Just some food for thought.


alonewolf said...

I still think Young is vulnerable given this line..

"""In 2004, Rep. C.W. Bill Young (R-Fla.) and his wife stopped visiting the wounded at Walter Reed out of frustration. Young said he voiced concerns to commanders over troubling incidents he witnessed but was rebuffed or ignored. "When Bev or I would bring problems to the attention of authorities of Walter Reed, we were made to feel very uncomfortable," said Young,""" this story.

gatordem said...

I wish that were so, but the depth of support for Young, despite those remarks, is truly staggering. If he made those remarks say in September of 2008 in a race with a quality candidate, maybe.

But no credible candidate will take him on. Anybody who might be interested is figuring Young has to die sometime.

alonewolf said...

Sad but true.

Eddie said...


You can make a solid bet Weldon will have a run for his money. It's time to show him the door.

We have an awesome candidate in Paul Rancatore.

Kenneth said...

Did we ever come up with an official Blog Florida Blue logo? I'm waiting to use it until we get one...