Sunday, June 3, 2007

Welcome to Florida Netroots

We have a brand new entrant into the Florida Blogosphere. Yesterday, Florida Netroots made its entrance onto the stage of progressive Florida blogs. Much as Florida Kossacks grew out of the Florida Kossacks Mail List, Florida Netroots blog was given birth by the Florida Netroots Yahoo Group.

The founder of the Florida Netroots Yahoo Group and now the Florida Netroots Blog is committed netroots activist Meowmissy (aka Webrageous). Here is Meowmissy's self description from her DailyKos profile:

Web Developer, Public Servant, Cat Lover. When I get my act together I'd like to add writer and photographer to the list.

I'd say she pretty much has her act together already.

Here is the description of the Florida Netroots blog:

The Florida Netroots supports and promotes activism at the local and state level in Florida in order to ensure the election of more Democrats to public office.

The first entry in the Florida Netroots blog marked the debut of a great new project, Better Know Florida :

I'm sure many of you are familiar with Stephen Colbert's ongoing series "Better Know a District" where he does humorous interviews with members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Florida Netroots Blog is going to try out it's own "Better Know" series with categories like "Better Know a State Legislator", "Better Know a Local Official" and "Better Know a Candidate" where contributors to the blog write diaries about specific state or local politicians here in Florida.

The focus is on state and local politicians because the Democratic Party in Florida is in serious need of a strong bench. We won't have good candidates to run for Congress without first recruiting and promoting folks who run for local and state office.

Our mission, in part, is to educate ourselves and others about state and local politics. Together we can Blog Florida Blue .

I think that is a terrific mission statement. I want to encourage you all to check out Florida Netroots and show meowmissy some love.

Welcome to the fight in the Florida blogosphere.

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