Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Florida Political Reporters Beware - Romney's in the State

The Florida Democratic Party just released an"Urgent Memo to Florida Political Reporters Covering Romney". It seems former Massachusetts Governor and Republican presidential wannabe Mitt Romney is making a fundraising trip in Florida today. And the Florida Democratic Party is rightfully concerned for the safety and welfare of the Florida Political Press Corps.

The memo warns the Florida Press Corps:
All Florida political reporters should be aware that a high-level traveling staffer for Romney is now under investigation in New Hampshire for impersonating a law enforcement agent when he allegedly pulled over a New York Times reporter, telling him his plates had been run and that he could not follow a Romney campaign caravan.

Today, as Romney raises money in Florida, you may want to ask his donors if they are comfortable funding this sort of activity. Please note that the staffer in question continues to be paid by the campaign while under investigation.
It appears that the New Hampshire incident is not the only time this character, Jay "Trooper" Garrity may have pulled a stunt like this. Again from the FDP:
the aide, Jay Garrity, or "Trooper" Garrity, also allegedly pulled over a reporter from a different publication. "Marcia Vickers, a senior writer with Fortune magazine, said that while trailing Romney in New Hampshire on Memorial Day for a forthcoming magazine piece, Garrity instructed her at one point to stop tailing Romney's car." [The Boston Globe 6/25/07]
What really concerns me is the Republican pattern of contempt for, or the feeling of being above the law. We are just now reading the Washington Post series about Vice President, (or is it the President of the Senate?), Dick Cheney, and his abuses of power. And now we have a Republican presidential wannabes' staff exhibiting the same kind of arrogant behavior.

If the light shines on the real moral character of these Rethug politicians, I am pretty sure more people are going to be voting Democratic in 2008. So let's keep the lights turned up bright.

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